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20 February 2015

Good morning. This weekend I will not be: taking a break from schoolwork, staying home from work, enjoying the sunshine or waking up late and drinking coffee in bed. Another crazy week, trying to get my damn schedule under control. It always seems to be about the 6 week mark where school starts to get really hectic and overwhelming. Deep breath. Only SEVEN more months. I'm rounding down, but give me that. I'm thinking about doing a prose post this week, I posted this one a while back. And I think it's the only real piece of prose that I've put out into cyberspace. I miss writing. You know, the kind with a pen and paper? There's something really nostalgic about putting down your thoughts onto paper. I hope you all have a lovely weekend - and if any of you have actually been to the fox village I linked below... please share.

A village... of foxes!

What should you do with your life?

Profession ideas for your personality type - and if you don't know your personality type, take the test here.

Have you laughed yet this week? Want to?

I've always loved and been inspired by dance so this man's ballet version of Take Me To Church really caught my eye.

Harry Potter fans, want to cry and fall in love with Snape at the same time?

What do you guys think of the new Taylor Swift video?

Blake Lively's new movie looks AWESOME!



17 February 2015

As promised, I said I would put up my super simple recipe for mini strawberry pies so here it is! These are simple, easy to add to and ready in less than a half an hour - and really, that's my kind of recipe. I like to put in minimal effort when it comes to cooking just because I can't be bothered to spend that long chopping away in the kitchen. So, here is my step by step recipe for fail proof strawberry (or cherry, or raspberry, or whatever else) pies!

- one package (containing two) ready made pie crusts
- mixing bowl, spoon and fork
- cookie cutter
- fruit of choice
- complimentary jam/jelly/fruit preserves

First, on a floured surface, roll out your pie crust and chop up your fruit of choice in a bowl. I used strawberries! Once chopped, add a few scoops of the fruit preserves or jam to your chopped fruit and mix until it has... well, a pie filling consistency.

Using your cookie cutter, cut out your desired shapes. Remember you will need to "cut outs" per pie so if you want to make eight pies you need sixteen cookie cutouts.

Peel away the excess dough and brush half of your cutouts with melted butter. These buttered sides will essentially be the "top" of each pie.

You will probably need to continually reflour your working surface so that the pie dough doesn't stick to your table. When you're ready you can begin to add your fruit mixture to one half (the non buttered pieces) of your pie cut outs.

Once you've added all of your fruit mixture you can take each buttered cutout and place it on top of each fruit covered cutout. Make sure the buttered side is face up so that it will brown slightly in the oven. Next, use a fork to press the two cutouts together around the edges and make a small "X" on the top of your pie to allow heat to escape (unless you want what I like to call "bleeding heart" pies).

Bake at 350 for about ten to fifteen minutes or just until the tops of the pies are slightly golden. I like to serve these hot with vanilla bean ice cream! These are a great quick summer treat that's easy to substitute different fruits depending on what's available or if you're feeling adventurous try adding brown sugar, caramel or chocolate to one of your fruit mixtures!

If you decide to give these a try please comment below and let me know how it went! Do you guys have any easy dessert recipes you swear by?


16 February 2015

So first, sorry about my radio silence last week. The only post I was able to get up was my Top Jobs For Travelers post, despite having something planned for every day. BUT, I needed some 'me' time that was semi-away from the internet.

Moving on from my apologies, I really wasn't even sure I was going to address Valentine's Day in any of my posts last week or this week because I really think that Valentine's Day is an extremely superficial holiday HOWEVER it's a great holiday for styling purposes. I just wanted to share with you a couple of snaps from how I spent my Valentine's Day with my youngest sister/best friend! We attempted to drive out to what I heard was a beautiful lake up North. Once we arrived we learned that you could only access the lake if you lived on it, so... Great drive - poor destination choice.

When we got back we kind of just lounged around and napped a little and managed to make some really cute strawberry hand pies (recipe to come tomorrow!). But what I really wanted to talk about today is why Valentine's day is a complete sham and basically a single shaming day. Personally, I love being single and I love not being in a relationship. I know, weird right? Well let me tell you why.

I was in a long term relationship for almost seven years and I thought that was what I wanted forever. Then one day I was forced to realize that the life I was living was unhealthy, unhappy and uninspiring. I decided to make a change and start living for myself. Ever since then, I have put myself first in everything. My dreams, my hopes, my happiness and I haven't looked back once. If you're in a relationship - that's GREAT. Seriously, if you're happy and embracing the Hallmarkness of Valentine's Day then more power to you. But if you're single - that's great too. You have no one's happiness to worry about but you're own and you're in charge of how you feel.

I used to be one of those girls who thought they needed a boyfriend to be someone and when I finally stopped believing that, my life started to go in the direction I always wanted it to. Being single gives you freedom you might not otherwise have. Want to move abroad? Do it. Want to take an impromptu Vegas trip? Go. Want to watch that god awful chic flick that's your secret guilty pleasure? Go right ahead. You are beautiful, you are one of a kind and you can be and do anything you want. Being single is FANTASTIC and I am it's biggest advocate. I know that not a lot of people share this opinion but I really think that, aside from the rare miracle, all relationships either end or go on miserably. You can still have profoundly meaningful relationships but never under any circumstances should you put your health and happiness second to anyone else. Maybe that sounds selfish but to be honest, I just don't care. I think everyone deserves to be happy and if you aren't happy MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. Don't waste another day wishing, wanting, waiting.

Whichever side of the proverbial fence you're on, I hope you're happy. And whether you're single, in a relationship or "it's complicated" I hope you had an amazing and beautiful weekend because you deserve it. Happy Monday internet friends.


10 February 2015

Although I truly believe that everyone can come up with enough ways to save money for travel (read my easy ways to save here) I thought I'd share some ways you can travel without having to have an arsenal of cash stashed up before hand. This is something I plan on doing after I finish my year long backpacking adventure and I can't wait. A lot of these jobs are things I consider to be personally enriching and globally beneficial. Enjoy!

ESL Teacher
I thought I'd start with the most obvious choice first, or at least the most obvious to me. Teach English abroad! There are a lot of different options out there depending on your background. They have positions for teachers even with little to no experience as long as you have a degree of some kind. Even if like me, you don't have a BA - there are also tons of options if you just have an AA coupled with a TESOL or TEFL (which I'm just finishing up now) Certificate. If you're lucky enough to have an employer who pays for your education or if you qualify for financial aid, sign up to for a TESOL Certificate! Mine's only two quarters long, all online and requires only a minimum of one hour a week of assisting contact time. Assisting in an ESL class in your own community is a great way to get some experience under your belt. To read more about ESL teaching and browse some jobs aboard Footprints Recruiting and Go Overseas are both great resources. I'm hoping to teach in Singapore, Bali or Poland when I return from backpacking!

Au Pair
This one is kind of a no brainer. Do you have babysitting experienced and a clean background check? Bingo. Bonus if you're bilingual and have a professional education. I've used websites like Sitterycity for jobs within the US but there are great sites for international jobs as well like AuPair.com and IAPA. Obviously make decisions careful and take all the necessary precautions to make sure you're entering safe employment but this is a really great way to get free room and board, a monthly stipend, plenty of free time and a lot of the time families will pay for your airfare!

Cruise Ship Employee
If you don't have a problem with prolonged time on a gigantic ship, why not try looking for a job on a cruise ship? There's tons of different avenues to pursue from bartender to childcare provider to chef to musician to casino dealer. The possibilities are endless. A cruise ship is like it's own functioning little city. They need electricians and plumbers too! Granted you do spend a lot of time out in the great blue, when the ships do dock most lines allow their employees free time to explore the port. Princess Cruises seems to have a lot of employment opportunities and I know a few travelers who have worked with Carnival Cruises as well.

Web Designer
Now, this one requires a little skill and creativity but in this day and age it seems like everyone online has some degree of design creativity and knowledge. I tried to take some courses on this so I could try this route myself but let's just say... I don't have the patience for web design. But there are loads of bloggers out there who use web design as a stable source of income and if you're good at it - you could make a really decent living! It's one of the most travel friendly jobs out there as you can do it all from a computer, as long as you have internet connection for acquiring a customer base and for advertising - you're all set!

Travel Nurse
Again, this one is going to have some skill and education involved but it's one of America's most common career choices this might be an optimal choice for many people. A travel nurse could be many things from RNs to speech pathologists to therapists and even physical therapists. Usually travel nursing jobs are a lot more flexible or at least have more flexible options available than other jobs abroad. You can find short or long term, the pay and benefits are great and most of the time lodging is provided or a stipend for such is available. Two great resources for more information or job searches are TravelNursing.com and Trav Corps.

Okay, I know this one isn't a job per say, but it is an option that allows you to travel and includes free lodging and meals (usually). There are a lot of different ways you could go about volunteering depending on what you're looking for. Some schools and organizations in addition to needing ESL teachers also need "Conversational Practice Volunteers" and a lot of those opportunities are listed on the links I provided in the "ESL" section above. A super popular option among travelers is to "WWOOF it". WWOOFT is basically a network of farms and other hosts who are willing to provide you with meals and board in exchange for between 4-6 hours of work. The United Nation is also always looking for volunteers for both short term and long term work. The UN Volunteer's goal is to create lasting change and have a positive impact on people's lives. They believe that even short term assignments and the smallest bit of aid can have the butterfly effect and extend far beyond the people you are immediately helping. There's also always the Peach Corps which is also volunteer, but also pays an $8,000 readjustment payment at the end of your service. While you do have to make a 2 year commitment and once applying it takes nearly a year before you could possible depart, the Peace Corps offers some great benefits. Along with a monthly living and housing allowance you also have full medical and dental coverage, 48 vacation days, job support once your assignment is complete and so much more.

Obviously, there are a ton of other options available for people who would like to work abroad but these are just a few that I found especially interesting or enriching. If you have any other ideas for job opportunities abroad please share them in the comments! I can't wait to teach English somewhere foreign, if you had to choose one of these - which would you choose?

Image by Jonathan Leung


06 February 2015

I spent most of this week curled up in bed trying to let a back issue heal but today I have to go back to work just in time to ring in the weekend. One bad thing about getting hurt and not being able to work is I know that my next paycheck will pretty much have nothing going into my savings. Anyway, here are some links from the week and I hope you all had a much more thrilling week than I did! I've been feeling a little uninspired lately when it comes to photography so I'm hoping to go on some long walks this weekend and try to find inspiration in ordinary places near where I live. What do you guys do when you're looking for inspiration?

More of Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon.

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