Zara Home Collection Wishlist

Floral Transfer Knobs / Diamond Patterned Throw / Gold Nesting Tables / Brass Pineapple Lamp
Decorative Resin Antlers / Pompom Bath Towel Set

Zara is one of those brands that I feel fits perfectly with my personal style. It's one of those stores that I can (now that we finally have one in Seattle) walk into and fall in love with pretty much every single piece. So, when I found out that Zara had released a home collection, I decided to take a look and just as I suspected - there isn't a single thing I don't want. Here is a collection of a few of my favorites, some of which are surprisingly affordable because let's face it, Zara can be a tad overpriced sometimes. I've put a spending ban on household items because right now my car is filled with lamp bases, pale pink lamp shades and gauze window hangings. Oh, and a giant canvas and frame. I'm getting out of control so all of these beautiful things are just going to have to wait. Happy Humpday!

Is there anything from the new Zara Home collection that you have to have?

Anxious Like The Ocean In A Storm

I had to share this picture from when my youngest sister and I got stuck in ferry traffic last weekend. The lighting started to get really fucked up and we were laughing so hard just taking stupid photos and then when are skin turned white I whispered, "perfect". So now this photo just makes me laugh.

Thankfully, it feels like this week went by really fast. It's not going to be half as nice this weekend as it was last weekend but I'll take any free time I can get. Did you see my photos from my trip to the Tulip fields last weekend? It was so beautiful! It's supposed to be raining all weekend but I'm okay with that. Saturday I'm working at my second job so I'll be too busy to notice the weather but the rest of the weekend is just for relaxing, setting up a giveaway for all of you and hopefully taking some stuff out of my storage unit. Oh, and Sunday is Easter! My dad always does a big Easter egg hunt for us in the morning even though we're all over the age of 13. But I'm not complaining. What are you guys up to for the next few days? Any plans for Easter?

A H&M collab I'm really excited to see.

I'm sure a lot of you are already aware, but if you aren't positive which site were affected by the Heartbleed then here is a list of sites that you need to change your passwords for.

The future is here.

I don't usually share political type posts but I saw this video of this woman completely destroying the theory behind the "stand your ground" law and decided I had to share.

Anyone else staying up to watch the meteor shower next week?

More cool Disney theories and facts. How many times have you seen this familiar truck?

You have to wonder what what this baby thinks it's saying.

Pharrell crying will make you cry.

There Are Dizzy Daffodils On The Hillside

I meant to have this up on Monday but after sitting down to my computer this weekend and trying to install Lightroom I realized that the version of OS I was running was slightly outdated so I had two wait two days for my upgrade to come in. But now, I've had my OS system updated, I've downloaded Lightroom and added VSCO 05 and this was my first time playing with BOTH programs. I've never even seen either of them in action. I've used Photoshop before and a lot of people told me that I would have a pretty easy time navigating Lightroom since I'm familiar with Photoshop but I felt like everything was drastically different it took me hours just to do the above photos and they are by no means meeting my own standards.

That being said, I've been spending a lot of my time watching Adobe Lightroom 5 tutorials and trying to figure out exactly what this software's capability is. Hopefully, the next photos I put up will be a little more on the cleaner side. But I wanted to share these anyway! This past weekend my youngest sister and I decided to take a little day road trip like we used to since it was so warm out and we didn't really have any plans for anything. So, we set out in the morning with our coffees and cameras and drove out to this little antiqueing (I know - not a word) town about 45 minutes from our house but it was PACKED with touristy looking people so we said fuck that and drove another 15 minutes north to the Tulip Fields.

I don't know if many states have flower fields like this, but it is amazing. Just fields of flowers stretching out for what looks like forever. We really wanted to walk out in the daffodils and they looked so close but holy shit, they were like over a mile away. So we stuck with the bright tulips. We found some beautiful fuchsia ones that were so vibrant they almost looked fake. After we left the fields (where we found this awesome old abandoned school bus) we just kind of kept driving until the highway curved around towards Deception Pass. We basically just kept going and drove across the entire island and took the ferry home. I don't know why, but I just love long drives. Seriously, any road trip. Sign me up.

I realize we're already almost onto "next" weekend but I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and hopefully your weather was as nice as ours. I can't wait to break out the sunhats and wear dresses without tights. *sigh*



Isn't this photo so beautiful? It's from a photoshoot done by Russian photographer, Katerina Plotnikova, and the images and poses are so surreal you'd think it has to be photoshopped. But that's the beauty of it, it's not! She used real like animals right alongside her models and the outcome was absolutely spectacular.

I don't know what it is about getting old that makes birthdays kind of a sad thing (who am I kidding? I know exactly what it is). I spent a nice weekend with my family and went out with some old friends that I haven't seen in a (fucking LONG) while and had a nice relaxed time. I may have said this before but I'm not big on birthday celebrations for myself. When it comes to other people I'll go all out over the moon to throw a part, pick a perfect gift, whatever but I just feel like it's weird having a day to just celebrate my "being". On that note, I just picked up my little sister's birthday present (she's on the 25th) and for the sake of being safe I'm not going to list what I got her on here buuut she's going to love it. We're finally supposed to have a semi-nice weekend so I'm glad my family picked this weekend to go to opening day at the Emerald Downs track to see the horse races. We've made it a tradition to go ever year around my dad's birthday (the 17th - our family is a whole lot of April babies) and reserve a box seat with a little television box and our own waiter. No one seems to do the whole dressing up with the fancy hat thing but there's almost some extravangtly dressed woman to stare at. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Does anyone else ever feel like this?

What an awesome dad!

A moving piece on the power of forgiveness.

I don't know about you but I'll definitely be doing some major looking into what's in Emma Watson's makeup kit.

I'm definitely not the only on excited for a Goodnies sequel.

An interesting app that helps you control your dreams.

So pumped for 22 Jump Street.

A beautiful color palette that has me dreaming of warm Summer nights.

And don't forget the Rimmel Sweepstakes I posted about earlier this month. There are going to be 25 winners and you still have two weeks to enter!

The Beauty In Butterfly Wings

I'm sure you are all already aware of how much I love the Irish band, Kodaline. But I stumbled upon this really nice version/recording of one their songs and I fell in love so it's basically all I've been able to listen to over the last couple of days. Just thought I'd share. I know they don't but if genies did exist my first wish would easily be to be able to sing like this fucking guy. I mean, maybe right after solving world hunger and achieving world peace. But AFTER that, definitely the singing. This has been one of those "no fucks given" weeks. I have literally been working over ten hours almost every day this week but tomorrow is my birthday and tonight I'm going to Le Faux which is an awesome female celebrity impersonators show in Seattle. Hopefully I'll get some good photos for you guys. Hope you all have an amazing weekend and if you're doing anything fun, please share!

Wouldn't you love to be serenaded like this?

Ever heard of prank it forward?

Butterflies creep me the fuck out but their wings are beautiful.

A kickass birdhouse.

Rose gold pants for Spring.

Some of you may be aware that tomorrow is my birthday and in place of birthday gifts or wishes, I'm asking anyone who can to donate to this awesome campaign at Charity Water that provides fresh clean water for those in need. Check out my charity and please donate if you can!

More magic.

A sweet fucking ring that's way out of my price range. Like way out.

As if you even needed a reason to love Kristen Bell more.

ALSO, don't forget to enter the Rimmel London giveaway I posted about the other day. There will be 25 winners receiving some awesome prize packs so hurry!

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