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20 June 2016

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by Kayti Clayton at Mode


16 June 2016

Before they reached out to me for a collaboration, I had never heard of Tobi. I don't often post fashion related content but I thought I would give it a try. I spend enough time looking at Instagram and making notes of trends I love it has to pay off sometime, right?

The only negative things I have to say about my experience is how long it took me to choose what I loved the most! They have so much great stuff (and not cheap quality either!) that it was so hard to decide. I finally ended up settling on the following three items:

  • Silver Lake Boyfriend Jeans
  • Jayn Shift Dress
  • Draped Jumpsuit

    I love the idea of boyfriend jeans in Summer. I think when people think of Summer they are immediately drawn to dresses, rompers and skirts. But there is something so sweet about the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans with a tank top or drapey shirt. I like pairing them with my Birkenstock's (I mean, let's be real - I love pairing anything with my Birkenstock's) or my white Keds. The jeans are by far my favorite piece. They fit perfectly which is RARE for me when buying jeans online. This was my first go at boyfriend jeans and I am in L-O-V-E. They don't feel thin or cheap and they don't lose their shape. I hate when you buy a nice pair of jeans and they lose their shape after one wash.

    I'm pretty picky when it comes to dresses. I want it to be flattering, loose without losing my body underneath. I love that this dress can be casual (like how I wore it above) or worn with some heels and jewelry for a fancy night out. It's great quality, soft and flowy but heavy so it doesn't feel like you're wearing nothing. I love the strap that goes across the back of the neck, such a dainty touch.

    The jumpsuit that I purchased unfortunately just didn't look right on my body type. My little sister tried it in and while it's a little big for her it looked SO cute. A combination of rayon and spandex it was the perfect amount of drape. Would love if I could pull something like this off but my body type just wasn't working with it.

    I took both of these pieces with me on a recent trip to Italy and found two things. One, they were pretty easy to pack. The jeans were a little bulky, but I used them as sort of a padding for my fragile items. Two, I could get quite a few wear out of them before having to wash them. The jeans, like I said before, hold their shape really well and the dress was easy to wash. Just wash it and within a few hours after blowing around in the Summer air - it was ready for wear.

    If you've never checked out Tobi before, I can't recommend it enough. They have great service, better quality than I expected, and pretty fair prices. Not only that, but as a new customer you can get 50% off your order! Not a bad one to take advantage of.

    What types of outfits do you guys turn to during Summer? I'm trying to branch out of my normal "skirts and crop tops" and try things that are a little out of my comfort zone. It's been hard but so far I'm happy!


    24 April 2016

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WholeBlends #CollectiveBias

    Despite the fact that I enjoy putting on makeup pretty much every single day, it's a rare occasion when I can be bothered to even brush my hair. Blowdrying? Nope. Brushing? Rarely. Styling? Nope. I don't know what it is, I just can't bring myself to do it. And when I'm traveling, I want to do it even less. So, over the years I've developed my own little routine of how I style my usually flat hair to get volume and beachy waves when traveling with minimal effort. In addition to not wanting to style my hair, I also don't always take as good of care of it as I should. I periodically bleach my ends and don't get my hair trimmed all that often so it's safe to say that my hair is fairly damaged at the tips. A good conditioner will help but it's hard to find affordable options that are hydrating and moisturizing and don't kill my bank account. So, when I was offered to try the Whole Blends Hydrating Hair Care I was curious but tried not to have very high expectations. But I'm not going to lie to you. When I was able to buy the shampoo, conditioner AND the hair mask all for less than $15 I was pretty psyched. My normal drugstore shampoo and conditioner usually cost me more than that.

    The formula for this particular line includes coconut water and vanilla milk, so you can imagine how great this product smells. It kind of reminds me of where my family vacations every Summer in Eastern Washington. I don't know why. Whenever I catch a whiff of my hair lately it just takes me right to lounging on the beach in Lake Chelan. The shampoo and conditioner by themselves make my hair feel so fresh and hydrated, but it was when I tried the hair mask that I noticed the biggest difference. My normally obviously damaged ends were smoother, more hydrated and I swear it even livened up the color somehow. Or maybe not the color exactly, but it makes my hair shinier and the gold strands really stand out now. For a department store brand (and considering they were under $4 EACH!!) I cannot recommend this line enough. I was able to find all three products at my local Walmart Supercenter. But enough of that, now onto my travel hairstyle tutorial!

    First Things First - Towel Dry

    Yep, I actually brushed my hair. Then I towel dried it. And by towel dry, I mean I wrapped it up in a towel while I did my makeup and then brushed it. See? No effort.

    Put A Bun On It

    Pull your hair up in a ponytail and start to put your hair in a bun but don't pull it all the way through. You should have a small bun on top and then the rest of your hair hanging out of it like a very sad tail.

    Take Care Of That Tail

    Now we're going to take that ugly tail and wrap it once around your bun. Then, with the remaining bit that's still hanging out you're going to grab the center of the strand and pull it partially through the hairband. So, you will basically have created a little "U" shaped bit like in the above photo.


    Now, if you're like me (aka LAZY) you can just leave your hair up until it's dry ORRR if you have your life slightly more together you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser to speed up the process. Or even better, do this at night and sleep with it up - the ultimate lazy girl hack. Not to mention, you can just wake up and get on with your day without too much time fussing around in the bathroom.

    Do you guys have any easy hair routines that you seem to gravitate back to, especially when traveling? Again, I can't recommend this line enough. I chose the Whole Blends Hydrating Hair Care blend but they also have blends for Repairing, Smoothing, Nourishing, Color Care, and more! Which blend would you choose?


    13 April 2016

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    by Kayti Clayton at Mode

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