Holiday Gift Guide: For The Traveler In Your Life

18 December 2014

GorillaPod Phone Tripod / Steripen Water Purifier REI / Large Messenger Camera Bag Tenba / Solid Perfume L'Occitane
Michael Stars Hat Piperlime / Passport Holder Kate Spade / Travel Candle Kit DIY / Grid It Ultimate Tech Organizer ThinkGeek
Dry Shampoo Lulu Organics
Well, here we are at my last holiday gift guide until next year! I can't believe how quickly Christmas has snuck up on me. Maybe it's because I've been working so much. This weekend is going to be a very much needed weekend off to pick up some last minute stocking stuffers, watch some of my favorite Christmas movies (The Grinch, Elf, Santa Clause is Coming To Town... We save the Santa Clause for Christmas Eve), make some hot cocoa and Christmas movies and maybe drive up to the snow and take some pictures.

As this year comes to an end I've been constantly daydreaming about when I leave next year for my year long backpacking adventure. Pretty much all of the items on this wishlist are on my "shopping list" for before I leave. I love the versatile camera bag and the non-aerosol dry shampoo is genius. I also love the cute passport holder and I have to get that iphone tripod. Do you guys have any recommendations for travel gadgets? I'm always looking! Hope you all are having a great week and have all of your Christmas shopping done. And if you're thinking about a Christmas gift for yourself, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a Naked on the Run Palette from Urban Decay.

Holiday Naked On The Run Giveaway

16 December 2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway Guys!! Christmas is right around the corner and I can't believe how quickly it's come. Just as I promised here is the giveaway I've been so excited about! There will be TWO WINNERS for this giveaway. The first will receive the Naked On The Run Palette from Urban Decay and the second will win that entire bundle of little beauty goodies. This giveaway IS international!

Some are full size some are deluxe sample, etc. Just bits and bobs I've been collecting for some time now. There's some Marc Jacob's Beauty in there, Tarte, Sephora, Nails Inc., Kat Von D, Ciate, Urban Decay and much more! Good luck to everyone and I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season - I can't WAIT to have this weekend off so I can start off my own holiday cheer. Happy Tuesday!

Have A Very Merry Weekend

12 December 2014

We had a crazy windstorm last night so today everything just looks destroyed. Our streets are filled with giant pine branches and powder is still out in a lot of places but it's still eerily beautiful. The fog and the wind and the rain, signature Washington weather. I hope you all are having a great weekend and if you do anything Christmas related share photos because as I'm working ALL weekend - I will be living vicariously through others.

I already love Anna Kendrick but this just makes me love her even more.

Need to get a gift for a Harry Potter fanatic?

What big cities would look like if there were no more city lights.

An owl with eyes like the night sky.

Freaking brilliant.

If you read the books, here's a clip of Jennifer Lawrence singing The Hanging Tree.

The cutest couple. Ever.

Ohhh yes.

A hipster business name generator that is actually pretty cool.

Has anyone seen this Karl Lagerfeld video?

Oh, and christmas music.

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Chic BFF Who Listens To Jazz And Subscribes To Vogue

09 December 2014

How To Be Parisian Book Nordstrom / Lychee Oolong Bubble Bath Whip Etsy / Striped Rugby Scarf Forever21
NADRI Moon Stud Earrings Nordstrom Rack / Dalmation Print Clutch New Look / Swedish Brass Table Lamp Kaufmann Mercantile
Charlotte Olympia Satin Cat Slipper Set Profile Fashion

No one easier to shop for than your closest pal. You basically just shop for yourself. How beautiful is that table lamp? God, I am know meant to live a small budget lifestyle. I can just see this lamp in my perfect dream office of my perfect dream Victorian house. I'm also in love with that cute dalmation print bag, call me freaking Cruella but I have been loving dalmation print lately. I just cannot get enough of it. Only two more weeks until Christmas!! (I like to round down) Happy Tuesday!

Winter Nail Trends And My Nail Care Routine

08 December 2014

images C/O pinterest

Honestly, the best nail trends happen over the holidays and if I didn't have such a hands on job I would be changing up my nails every other day. The four trends above are my absolute favorites that I always seem to go back to in the Autumn and Winter:

Soft Pinks and Nudes - I like BFF Best Boyfriend by Essie.

Juicy Oxbloods - I always have at least two bottles of Essie's Skirting The Issue on hand.

The Half-Moon Mani - After seeing the movie Bachelorette with Lizzy Caplan I fell in love with how she had her nails. I like to use Essie's Blanc for the white and Carry On for the burgundy.

Gray Nails - Any gray. Dark gray, light gray, matte gray. It's all good. My favorite is Winter by Julep.

I don't have a photo listed of this one but I also love glittery gold nails for Winter. I have my favorite one pictured below, which is Gold Coin by Revlon. Are there any nail trends or colors you always seem to come back to during the Holidays or Winter or whatever you refer to this time of year as?

Also, if you're looking for some great Holiday Beauty Gifts or Stocking Stuffers I picked up the Guerlain Gold Leaf Topcoat for a friend's gift basket and I know she's going to love it. I also think Holiday Nail Kits are a really great gift to give during the holiday like the Julep Holidays On Ice Kit which is seriously one of the most perfect Winter sets I've seen. But Julep's Warm Wishes Trio is probably a close second and something I'm even thinking of picking up for myself.

Nail care!! I hate cuticles. I know you need them or whatever, but I hate them. I thought I'd share how I take care of my nails when I don't have time to go to the nail salon which, let's face it, is pretty much always. For this routine you will need:

  • Bowl of soapy water
  • Nail Clippers
  • Cuticle Remover
  • Cuticle Nippers
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Nail File

    First, with my freshly washed hands and nails I clip all my nails straight across because I like kind of a rounded square look to my nails. I bought a huge straight edge pair of nail clippers off eBay and I love them, so easy! Once clipped I filed the sides of my nails to be straight and then round out any sharp edges.

    Once I have the proper shape I'm looking for I then apply cuticle remover to all my nails and rub in, then wait 30 seconds and let my fingers rest in the bowl of soapy water for another 15 seconds. Then I pat them dry and began pushing back my cuticles in kind of an upward motion to make them easier to clip. When you do start nipping away those little bits be sure not to get your skin and only get the cuticle. Otherwise you'll be left with a painful swollen cuticle that refuses to stop bleeding. Can you tell I'm speaking from experience?

    Once I've removed all of my cuticles (it looks SO much better) I wash my hands, moisturize my hands and nails and then either go through the process of painting my nails or just leave them natural. Sometimes I'll apply a nail strengthener, usually Essie's All In One. Also, I just want to say this post is in NO way sponsored by Essie. I'm just realizing now most every nail polish I own is Essie but it's really just because I love their products. I think the formula and color selection blow most other drugstore brands out of the water. Plus, you can always find them pretty cheap on eBay.

    Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!
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