Holiday Gift Guide: For The DIY Expert In Your Life Who Throws Pinterest Inspired Dinner Parties

Anyone else sensing a color trend here? That was completely unintentional. I've been collecting different links over the past weeks and then when I put them all together I realized, they all look alike. I've tried very very hard to be good at DIY and Pinterest inspired things but I'm just not. Maybe if I had all of the time and money in the world I would just do every Pinterest DIY out there.

The Warblers Print by Dolan Geiman - $160
This print is all things calming, pleasant and beautiful and would look perfect on the wall in a dining room or living room. I'll admit, it's a little Autumn/Winter looking but it's just so pretty!

Willow Branch String Lights - $14.99
Perfect any time of the year. Either in a vase, as a centerpiece, around a window. These are absolutely stunning and from one of my most favorite stores World Market. Last year, I included a faux fur throw in a Holiday Gift Guide post for one of my sister's and I actually just purchased it for myself because it was 40% off! I'm cuddled up into it right now actually.

Jouer Sparkle & Shine Holiday Cracker (4 Pack) - $58
These awesome holiday crackers are sold out everywhere except on the Birchbox site, that I can find anyway. I always want to buy holiday crackers but usually when I read the contents it's just like a whistle and some other silly things but these ones look like such a sweet upgrade and they're so beautiful! Can't you just see these at place settings at a New Year's Eve party?

Faceted Quartz Bottle Stopper - $64
It's hard to find a classy looking bottle stopper. I've seen a few over the years that are simple and sleek and elegant but usually they're meant to be cheeky or cute which just isn't really what I would want to have out for an elegant display. This stopper is made out of natural stone so it's not some cheapy plastic looking knock off.

Birch Candle Holders - $36
I really actually want these for myself, aside from the fact that I don't have you know, a house, studio, kitchen table or anything like that. I really think that these are actually great for any women in your life, they're very simple and set a good mood for a room. And they would be great year round - love the color of these. I grew up with beautiful birch trees in my backyard so I think maybe they hold a special kind of nostalgia for me.

Cutout Topshop Dress - $320
Why does Topshop always make the most amazing dresses? And why do they always have to be way out of my price range? This dress is beautiful. I think I have too much hip for this dress but for someone with a less curvy figure this would look so fantastic. I love the cutout detail and the cream/silver color combo. Can't you just see that person in your life bringing a dish to the table in this limited edition beauty?


  1. I love the dress too! But that's seriously expensive. Haha.


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