I Think Too Much Quite Frankly

I thought I'd include two media pieces in this Friday's post. One being a photo of me from last night after I'd just gotten home from a day of Christmas shopping, thrift shopping (found an AWESOME bag for $6), the library and a little outing to pick up some Christmas decorations and some cocoa, cider, cookies, etc. Basically all the things you would want or need if you happened to be snowed in. The other media piece is a Bright Eyes version of Blue Christmas. I love listening to different band's and artist's Christmas albums. I love Harry Connick Jr and Michael Buble but Justin Bieber's and Never Shout Never's are great too. I just love all Christmas music pretty much. It's kind of a coin toss as to whether or not we're going to get snow this weekend. My phone weather app says it's going to snow all weekend but weather.com says it's just going to be sunny and cold. It's been SO cold - like in the twenties and thirties! This weekend is supposed to be the coldest weekend in the greater Seattle area in FIFTEEN years. The last time it was this cold I remember, I was like seven or eight and the snow was deep it was almost as tall as I was. I have the memory in my mind of not being able to walk down the steps of our front porch because it was just like a wall of snow. We're probably going to get our Christmas tree this weekend and do some gingerbread house building! So everyone stay warm, stay cozy and be happy!

The best books to give as gifts.

Happiest news I've gotten all week.

If models actually looked like their sketches.

That's one way to use a candle.

States least likely and most likely to curse. Washington is at the top of the list of least likely to curse - clearly these people have not met my, my family or anyone I know.

A bra that helps you make healthier choices?

Extremely unique and fun holiday crackers.

The youngest Olsen sister and Draco Malfoy in an upcoming new drama.

Wow, now this is amazing talent.

I'm normally pretty wary of sequels but this one looks awesome. I just love the cast, it even has that guy from Chronicle, which I also loved.

Nelson Mandela's life in pictures, he was one of the most influential and great leaders of our time. RIP.

A little girl's funny Christmas list my favorite part is "all of the beanie babies".

And don't forget to enter the giveaway I posted yesterday to be in the running for the Limited Edition Vice 2 Palette!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Michael Bublé, and his Christmas album has been on replay ever since December started (and even before!) Have tons of fun building gingerbread houses... I can't believe I've never actually done that!


    1. Well you totally should! They're so much fun and such a cute decoration!

  2. Love the books for gifts link- thanks for sharing!


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