Kayti VS the World: Anxious Like The Ocean In A Storm

Anxious Like The Ocean In A Storm

18 April 2014

I had to share this picture from when my youngest sister and I got stuck in ferry traffic last weekend. The lighting started to get really fucked up and we were laughing so hard just taking stupid photos and then when are skin turned white I whispered, "perfect". So now this photo just makes me laugh.

Thankfully, it feels like this week went by really fast. It's not going to be half as nice this weekend as it was last weekend but I'll take any free time I can get. Did you see my photos from my trip to the Tulip fields last weekend? It was so beautiful! It's supposed to be raining all weekend but I'm okay with that. Saturday I'm working at my second job so I'll be too busy to notice the weather but the rest of the weekend is just for relaxing, setting up a giveaway for all of you and hopefully taking some stuff out of my storage unit. Oh, and Sunday is Easter! My dad always does a big Easter egg hunt for us in the morning even though we're all over the age of 13. But I'm not complaining. What are you guys up to for the next few days? Any plans for Easter?

A H&M collab I'm really excited to see.

I'm sure a lot of you are already aware, but if you aren't positive which site were affected by the Heartbleed then here is a list of sites that you need to change your passwords for.

The future is here.

I don't usually share political type posts but I saw this video of this woman completely destroying the theory behind the "stand your ground" law and decided I had to share.

Anyone else staying up to watch the meteor shower next week?

More cool Disney theories and facts. How many times have you seen this familiar truck?

You have to wonder what what this baby thinks it's saying.

Pharrell crying will make you cry.

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