Kayti VS the World: The Beauty In Butterfly Wings

The Beauty In Butterfly Wings

04 April 2014

I'm sure you are all already aware of how much I love the Irish band, Kodaline. But I stumbled upon this really nice version/recording of one their songs and I fell in love so it's basically all I've been able to listen to over the last couple of days. Just thought I'd share. I know they don't but if genies did exist my first wish would easily be to be able to sing like this fucking guy. I mean, maybe right after solving world hunger and achieving world peace. But AFTER that, definitely the singing. This has been one of those "no fucks given" weeks. I have literally been working over ten hours almost every day this week but tomorrow is my birthday and tonight I'm going to Le Faux which is an awesome female celebrity impersonators show in Seattle. Hopefully I'll get some good photos for you guys. Hope you all have an amazing weekend and if you're doing anything fun, please share!

Wouldn't you love to be serenaded like this?

Ever heard of prank it forward?

Butterflies creep me the fuck out but their wings are beautiful.

A kickass birdhouse.

Rose gold pants for Spring.

Some of you may be aware that tomorrow is my birthday and in place of birthday gifts or wishes, I'm asking anyone who can to donate to this awesome campaign at Charity Water that provides fresh clean water for those in need. Check out my charity and please donate if you can!

More magic.

A sweet fucking ring that's way out of my price range. Like way out.

As if you even needed a reason to love Kristen Bell more.

ALSO, don't forget to enter the Rimmel London giveaway I posted about the other day. There will be 25 winners receiving some awesome prize packs so hurry!

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