Kayti VS the World: There Are Dizzy Daffodils On The Hillside

There Are Dizzy Daffodils On The Hillside

17 April 2014

I meant to have this up on Monday but after sitting down to my computer this weekend and trying to install Lightroom I realized that the version of OS I was running was slightly outdated so I had two wait two days for my upgrade to come in. But now, I've had my OS system updated, I've downloaded Lightroom and added VSCO 05 and this was my first time playing with BOTH programs. I've never even seen either of them in action. I've used Photoshop before and a lot of people told me that I would have a pretty easy time navigating Lightroom since I'm familiar with Photoshop but I felt like everything was drastically different it took me hours just to do the above photos and they are by no means meeting my own standards.

That being said, I've been spending a lot of my time watching Adobe Lightroom 5 tutorials and trying to figure out exactly what this software's capability is. Hopefully, the next photos I put up will be a little more on the cleaner side. But I wanted to share these anyway! This past weekend my youngest sister and I decided to take a little day road trip like we used to since it was so warm out and we didn't really have any plans for anything. So, we set out in the morning with our coffees and cameras and drove out to this little antiqueing (I know - not a word) town about 45 minutes from our house but it was PACKED with touristy looking people so we said fuck that and drove another 15 minutes north to the Tulip Fields.

I don't know if many states have flower fields like this, but it is amazing. Just fields of flowers stretching out for what looks like forever. We really wanted to walk out in the daffodils and they looked so close but holy shit, they were like over a mile away. So we stuck with the bright tulips. We found some beautiful fuchsia ones that were so vibrant they almost looked fake. After we left the fields (where we found this awesome old abandoned school bus) we just kind of kept driving until the highway curved around towards Deception Pass. We basically just kept going and drove across the entire island and took the ferry home. I don't know why, but I just love long drives. Seriously, any road trip. Sign me up.

I realize we're already almost onto "next" weekend but I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and hopefully your weather was as nice as ours. I can't wait to break out the sunhats and wear dresses without tights. *sigh*


  1. Looks like a beautiful tulip harvest this year! Pretty!

  2. I just went to see the tulips last Friday! :) Great day for it. and they always make lovely pics, thanks for sharing.


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